Church Tackle has the motto "We Didn't Invent The Planer Board. We Just Perfected It". Nothing describes my feelings about their planer boards better. I have used every brand of planer board made at one time or another and they have all ended up on eBay except the Church Tackle boards. The adjustable ballast weight on the large "Walleye Board" is great for adjusting the board to the load being towed. The quick release pin on the rear of all their boards is the fastest way to get a planer board off the line while a fish is back there thrashing away! I have had great success on Kings and Lakers with their 8" Revelator Flasher especially off leadcore. Coho love the 5" Mini Revelator with small flies trailing 16" behind. The Shock Wave bait head lets us run cut bait without the need for toothpicks to hold the meat in place. Their products just plain work and help us catch fish!
Traxtech is based in Chesaning, MI and makes stock and custom track systems, rod holders, rocket launchers, downrigger mounts and anything else you need to hold a rod or downrigger while fishing. Jeff Miller's products are solidly made and will stand up to a lifetime of fishing. They are as good looking as they are functional and Jeff will make sure you get the rod holder solution the maximizes the fishability of your boat! Traxtech now is the home for the Vector brand of downriggers, the riggers we depend on every day on the TERMINATOR III. The worlds best downriggers & the worlds best track systems are a match made in heaven!
Tiara Open. Those two words say it all. Nobody makes a better boat for fishing the big lakes. The Tiara Open model in any size you look at is a boat that is perfectly laid out for trolling the Great Lakes. They are a solid boat and make weekends living on board a real pleasure.

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