TERMINATOR III Heading Offshore

Our boat is a 1989 Tiara Open 3300. It is a 33' fishing machine. It has a 12' 6' beam and weighs over 17,000 pounds dry. The wide beam & heavy construction makes for a stable fishing platform in any seas we care to be out fishing in. The large cockpit provides ample room for fishing and has comfortable seating to make enjoying a beverage and watching rods a pleasant experience. The full size head and extra seating in the cabin provide all the comforts of home! Our boat is loaded with top of the line Vector downriggers and Traxtech rod holders allowing us to fish effectively any time, any where. All of our equipment is top of the line with reels from Shimano, Diawa and Penn to maximize your fishing experience and insure the big ones get in the boat! The TERMINATOR III is rigged with all the equipment needed to ensure the best fishing possible, but more importantly, to insure the safety of our clients. Our fishing electronics and safety gear include:

	* VHF Radio & Weather Stations			* Garmin 2010C Color Chartplotter
	* 36 Mile Raytheon Radar			* Garmin Color Depth Sounder
	* Fire Suppression System			* Speed & Temp Monitor On The Downriggers
	* Flare & Other Signaling Devices		* Cell Phone
	* Life Jackets

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